Fused Glass at GREENBELT

We are getting ready to go to Greenbelt tomorrow and look forward to a good weekend. The weather forecast is not too bad and Saturday looks like being sunny!


Over the last few weeks we have been making a supply of crosses for the event and also etching Celtic Knots to mount on pendants and earrings, so look out for the new designs.


Hope to see some you at the festival. 


Etched Motifs on Fused Glass


 Following our success with the musical clefts and notes at Chippenham, we have been creating new designs to etch in dichroic glass on our pendants and earrings.


Some of the designs have been on the request of customers and other are our own inspiration.



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 The Girraffes were at the request of a festival going at Chippenham



These are a selection of the musical designs we have done, but are open to suggestions.


10991050 337993996408008 503468454771399114 nSeahorses on various backgrouds.






10471138 337993999741341 4392458773181938254 nFairies are now appearing as well!


Do get in touch through are contact page if you are interested in any of these designs, or have your own ideas.  




Fused Glass at the Festivals

The weekend of the 17th & 18th May found us taking a break from working on the boat and taking a short cruse to Titford for the Birmingham Canal Nagivation Society Summer rally. It was a lovely warm weekend and very nice to get out and about on the canal again (and also to make a few sales!).


We had to leave Titford straight after the rally to return to Eastbourne and pack up the camping gear ready for Chippenham Folk Festival over the bank holiday. Before we set off we spent time designing and making a new range of jewellery with musical notes and treble cleffs in etched dichroic glass. These were well received at Chippenham and will now form part of our range.


Now that we are back home I am continuing the work on the online shop and hope to have it up on the site in the near future. 

Progress on the floating Gallery

Spring weather has been with us this weeks as we continue work on the boat that will become our new Floating Gallery.


Progress is slow, as we clean off an accumulation of rust on the inside of the hull where water had got into the boat over the last couple of years. The engine has gone back in now, though, which is cheering and we have a new self draining front deck and doors. 


While we are working on this boat we are doing a reduced number of shows and will not be about on the canals as much as we would like.


Please do contact us if you want jewellery and cannot make it to one of the events we are doing.

Fused Glass for 2014

Christmas is well and truely over and we can now start looking ahead to the new year. This is the time when we usually concentrate on experimentation and looking at new designs for the coming year.


With work progressing on the second boat and trips up and down between Eastbourne and Birmingham taking up some of our time, we are still trying to come up with new ideas and experimenting with new techniques.

 DSC 0608w


We are developing a new range of abstract dichroic shape pendants and earrings, done on a tack fuse firing schedule. These give lovely vibrant colours and are lighter in weight than some of our other designs. The lower temperature firing means that the shapes are more defined and retain their layered look.




DSC 0609w


New during 2013 and still in the developement stages, are our frit pendants. These have proved very popular, especially in  Neo Lavender (as on the left of the picture), as these change colour depending on the light. In natural or LED light the colour appears lavender, where as in flourescent light it will change to pale blue.


Due to the way these frit items are made we are still working on producing matching earrings that wil be robust enough to withstand general wear, without compromising the fragile look of the jewellery.

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