Winter in the Basin


It has been a very busy winter for us this year. It started with blacking the bottom of Enchanted moon. While on the slipway and under cover we stripped and repainted the roof as well, so it was a hard weeks work. We had help from friends for the first few days, which made a hard dirty job much more fun.


We did 3 trips into Birmingham in the run up to Christmas, but the weather was against us and there were not many people down by the canal as a result.


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 For the Floating market in December all the boats put up Christmas lights and it was a lovely sight. Our light Christmas tree was much admired.


Our Christmas was spent back in Eastbourne with our two daughters and, while there, we made the decision to put the house on the market and move onto the boats full time. this meant that a lot of time has had to be spent clearing the house of all the accumulated rubbish of 30 years!!


We have now accepted an offer and wait with fingers crossed for the sale to complete. Hopefully it will be settled before we want to start our cruise for the year.


The current job for me is booking festivals and markets for the year and planning a route. Andrew is still busy with fitting out the boat. He has installed the solar panels on both boats and is working on the legs to support the workbenches to provide the extra work space needed to run courses. I have been touching up the blacking on the hull, when the weather has allowed.


In between the boat work we have been experimenting with new glass designs, including a Narrowboat plaque and a new way to etch the dichroic glass for our motif pendants.


We are now looking forward to the return of the sunshine and warmer weather so that the 2016 season can start in earnest.

Black Country Boating Festival


We finished our summer cruise at the Black Country Boating Festival at Windmill End, Netherton. It was a very busy few days and the sun stayed out most of the time.


Friends came to join us the weekend before, to help us through the single locks into Birmingham and back to Hawne Basin. In the few days we had at Hawne, we were busy designing and making up some brooches/badges in the style of the Black Country Flag. These promoted a lot of interest at the festival and are available for sale now at £15 each. I will be putting them on the shop once I have again sorted out a problem I have putting pictures onto the website!




For a couple of weeks we are back in Eastbourne, to sort out other parts of our life. On Tuesday we did a talk to the Soverign Ladies Inner wheel which seemed to be very well received. Then on Saturday and Sunday we will be at Tenterden Folk Weekend.


Once we manage to get away and back up to the boats, it will be time to start the winter maintenance. Enchanted Moon is due on the slipway at the end of the month to have her bottom blacked. We also need to finish the exterior painting on The Glass Barge and some of the work on the shower room etc.


We intend to take The Glass Barge into Birmingham on some weekends running up to Christmas for trading and I will put dates on facebook when we make definite plans.  

The Glass Barge on Facebook

Our summer cruise is going well. Trading was good at the Linslade Canal Festival and we also managed to meet up with old friends for a meal while we were there.


Since then we have been at Marsworth Reservoire, Milton Keynes and Stoke Bruerne.


I am now trying to post our location on facebook when we set up to trade, so that people can find us if they want to. So do please find The Glass Barge page on facebook and 'like' our page  Then you will be kept up to date with what is going on.


The Glass Barge Cruising

We have been out on the waterways now since the 2nd week  in June, when friends came to help us down the single locks out of Birmingham, onto the top of the Grand Union Canal.


Trading has been good so far at the Two Boats at Long Itchington, on the weekend of 18th, 19th, 20th June:-



and then at Stoke Bruerne the following weekend.


Now at Milton Keynes and will be staying here till Sunday afternoon. The sun is shining and we are hoping that it will bring the people out to Campbell Park.


Fused Glass on the Canals

The refurbished Gallery Boat is now open for business. Our first weekend on 9th & 10th May, at Hawne Basin, went realy well. Not only were sales good, but the boat and gallery received lots of nice comments.


There is a video of the Open Weekend at Hawne Basin that shows me in the gallery and also the boat in the water.




This blog should have been published months ago, but I have been having trouble uploading the pictures to the website! But I have now mananged it! So, although it happened in May, you may still like to have a look at the video.


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