The Glass Barge at the Paddington Floating Market


It was good to be in the company of other traders for a while in Paddington. With about 12 boats all together it gave a good feel to the event and there were also food stalls on the bank at the wekend.


We understand that this was the first occassion that boats had been in the basin since the developement. The opening of the fan bridge was quite spectacular.



The boats stirred up the muck on the bottom and created a bit of a smell to start with!


My sister, Ruth, visited when we first arrived and then Lucy joined us again for a few days. She is a city girl and prefers canal boats moored in places like this! Unfortunately our other daughter, Alice, was unable to come as planned, as she is in the process of buying her own flat in Eastbourne and needed to be there to sort things out.


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