Birmingham Christmas Floating Market


We attended the floating market in Birmingham this year. It was a four day market from 5th to 8th December with a mixture of weather, but all of it cold! We benefited because we have people on the boat to view and buy, but other traders had to try and keep their goods dry and ended up closing early on Friday and Sunday, which was a shame.

Our boat was featured on Central ITV news on the Thursday evening as a lead into the weather and I appeared on the TV, so am now famous!


Following the market we stayed on for a further 2 days to run a course for a lovely lady who produced some very unusal and individual jewellery.

We were pleased to get back into the basin in relatively good weather on the Wednesday, having had to break the ice on the canal when we did the trip in the previous week,

Now we are looking forward to a Christmas with our two daughters in Lucy's new house in Stockport. Then we are planning a tour, in the Campervan, round friends and family for the new year and into January.

2019 a year of Sunshine, Rain and Wind!


 What a year this has been as far as the weather is concerned!

Some weekends have been too hot to bare and others have been wet and windy, but very few have been just right.

All the festivals and markets that we have attended on the canals have been good and it has been nice to meet up with other trader friends again after the winter break.

When we left the basin in May, after the Open weekend, we ran a course in Birmingham for a very pleasant couple,

who produced some interesting work over the two days. This was the second days firing which produced some unexpected  results!

We have been to festivals/markets at Foxton, Coventry, Cosgrove and Linslade, as well as trading on our own in other places.

Our daughter moved house in August, so we spent a few days with her, helping with the move and unpacking boxes amoungs other things.

Now we are heading north again and expect to be back in the basin by mid October when one of the boats is due on the slipway so that we can black the bottom - which is a very messy job!!

We are now looking towards the Christmas period and have already booked to be at the Quinton Methodist Church Christmas Fair and also at the White House Glass Cone in Stourbridge. These two events are over the same weekend, so we will be splitting our resourses and doing one each.

I will be booking other fairs/markets and will add these to the site as and when they are booked. 

Plans for the 2019 year 


 We have been spending time at the Basin where Andrew is organising new electrical hookups around the basin, so that all the moored boats have access to mains electric, which has not been the case up to now. This has taken up a lot of time, so we have not been able to do as much travelling in our camper van as we would have liked. We did however manage to get out for a weekend at the beginning of March and hope to do more over the next few weeks.


I have been looking at new designs for the coming year and have come up with a few ideas that I am now developing further. The idea is to work on a range of more individual jewellery set with sterling silver.

I have been wearing this one a bit to see what reaction it gets and so far it has been positive.

To do this design I have had to perfect the art of drilling holes and keeping them open during subsequent firings.

The next step is to work on the ways to hang this from silver chains.

While working on these I have also been booking festivals and markets for the summer. The season will start in Droitwich Spar for the May Day bank holiday weekend, then the Open Weekend here at Hawne Basin in Halesowen. (See 'What's on' for more information about the rest of the year.)


The other plans that are keeping us busy are to do with buying a plot of land on which we intend to build a house for our old age! More on this later, when things are more definite.

Christmas 2018  

 Yet again I have been remiss in posting on this blog!!! My excuse is that we had a busy, and successful,  year and then, when we returned to the basin we started preparing for the Winchester Christmas Market.

The Market went very well and several previous customers, friends and aquaintances came along to say hello!

 The weather on the second weekend was not good (which is probably an understatement!), but all in all we had a good market and learnt a lot from the experience. While doing the market we stayed with Andrew's sister and brother in law, for which we were very grateful. It was very nice to be able to go back to a warm house and have a meal cooked for us.

We returned to the boats for 2 nights before driving on up to Manchester to spend Christmas at our daughter, Lucy's, house where our younger daughter, Alice, was able to join us as well. A very enjoyable time was had by, all including an afternoon doing the 'Crystal Maze' game, which was fabulous!

New years eve was spent back at Hawne basin with boating friends.


Planned Cruise for 2018 


Well! The sun is shinning at last and we are looking forward to the start of our cruising season. In a couple of weeks we will be off in The Glass Barge to Droitwich for the St Richards Festival over the first May bank holiday. Let's hope the good weather is really here to stay.

After this first event we are coming back to the basin for the Arts and Crafts Festival at Quinton Methodist Church and then will be heading off for the summer. Foxton Locks, Leamington, Linslade, Blisworth and Saltisford are the booked stops, but we are hoping to get down to Berkhamsted and possible beyond before making our way back up the Grand Union canal again.

The very exciting news is that we have been accepted for the Winchester Christmas Market! So we will be spending all summer making as much stock as we can, to last the 17 days of the market, which we hope will be very busy and also that the customers like our products. For the event we will be on land, in a chalet stall. Our chalet will be number 34 in the Craft Village. Do come and visit if you are in the area.

aaaaaaOne of the designs that I will be concertrating on this year is the bracelets that we started producing during last year and have been prooving very popular. We ahve also been doing a multi cloured version of this bracelet (which I included int he last blog).


Another design I have been working on is a combination of opal glass and transparent frit.

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